Telsa WoW

Feature Update

The Mount Planner

The Mount Planner has been updated to include Pandaria mounts!

I'm already working on testing for Draenor mounts and routes, this should be released within the next week or so.

Feature Release

The Mount Planner

The Mount Planner is complete and ready for use!

I hope you all find it useful, please post any feedback on the related reddit announcement post here.

In Development

The Mount Planner

The idea for the Mount Planner came from an amalgamation of two reddit posts, one by /u/gilgalith found here and the other by /u/SomeNorwegianChick found here. This is the next evolution of their fantastic idea.

The Mount Planner shows you the best route to collect the mounts you don't already own that are easily soloable by a lvl 100. Simply search for your character and follow the supplied route.